Technical fabric: Select the right product for your application

Technical fabrics, textiles, have numerous applications in medical, marine, agriculture, and other industrial sectors. Products like Flexitanks, safety suits, containment units, and inflatable boats depend on the material specifications from the technical fabric manufacturer. A weak or unsuitable choice may lead to costly failure. 

Involving the technical fabric manufacturer early on in the project is a good way to ensure the quality of your project. By approaching the source directly, you can eliminate a lot of associated risks that come with using technical fabric. In this article, we review the most important benefits of communicating directly with the manufacturer and why e2 is the most natural choice for any project you have. 

Why communicate directly with the technical fabric manufacturer?

Numerous projects have their own set of standards and international regulations. The right material choice can depend on a number of variables. Starting from the intended use to the expected environment. 

For instance, consider the example of designing an outdoor Flexitank. The Flexitank intended for the hot and humid environment of Arizona would need to consider the necessary specifications of the fabric that can resist continuous UV exposure. However, the specification would be different for a location further north where temperatures drop to below zero in the winter.   

The right manufacturing partner can guide you through determining fabric qualities that are appropriate for your application. 

The reality is, most installers managing a project requiring Technical fabric will approach their local supplier. Research should be conducted into the requirements needed for the specific application, and material specification should be confirmed will enable you to know if the offered options are limited and if a compromise in favor of easy access will cost in the quality of your project. When it comes to many applications, you should avoid the one-size-fits-all approach. Directly dealing with manufacturers can help you do that. 

The most notable advantages of directly dealing with a Technical fabric manufacturer are:

  • Large variety of Technical fabric selection
  • Customized Solutions
  • Excellent quality backed by a known brand
  • Expert support



Considerations for selecting a technical fabric manufacturer

The right manufacturing partner can help streamline your project and ensure excellent results with consistency. With so many options in the market, deciding which one is the best can be tricky. Here are some parameters you can use to judge the available options. 

Production Capabilities and Specialization

Does the manufacturer specialize in the specific application you need? Is the production facility equipped with the right technology and production abilities?

Can they produce the required quantities? 


Your manufacturing partner needs to have enough experience in the field to know about the potential issues your project might face down the line. An experienced manufacturer has the advantage of learning from their clients’ successes and mistakes and can offer guidance to make sure that the course of action you take is in the best interest of your project. 

After-sales support

The relationship with your manufacturing partner doesn’t just end at the purchase. Any excellent Technical fabric manufacturer will help you throughout the project lifecycle and ensure its success by supporting you when required. 

Brand Standing in the market

A great reputation in the market of delivering quality materials with consistency is a big one. There are some instances where things might seem great on paper but you should have the confidence that your project is backed by reliably. 

What makes e2 the perfect choice?

e2 takes pride in its ability to manufacture in-house. This means that everything you get goes through a stringent quality control process utilizing advanced testing methods that you can confidently deploy in the field. 

The experts at e2 are our competitive advantage. e2. Our team sales team are experts that average 30 years of experience in their respective specialized fields! So you can be sure to have a comprehensive support system to lean on from an experienced Technical fabric consultant who specializes in your field who can guide you and maximize your chances of success for your project.

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