Cured in Place Pipe

CIPP Lining

CIPP or cured-in-place-pipe is a trenchless pipe lining method in which a liner is inserted into an existing pipe. This liner is treated with a resin that hardens and adheres to the existing pipe surface and effectively seals any cracks or leaks creating a durable, long-term solution.

E Squared offers a wide range of CIPP products for lateral and mainline pipe rehabilitation applications along with seam tape and welding extrusion resins.  Whether you require a TPO or TPU coated synthetic felt we have the product you need.  Our products have been designed with input from users to ensure that they meet the requirements not only in the fabrication process, but in the field as well.

Generally, the CIPP lining process involves the following steps:

1. A flexible liner is inserted into the existing pipe.

2. The cured-in-place liner is expanded to fit snugly against the pipe walls.

3. A curing agent is introduced into the liner through a tube that runs through the center of the liner or by injecting it into the liner through perforations.

4. The curing agent hardens the liner, creating a new pipe within the old one.

5. Any excess liner is trimmed away, and the new pipe is ready for use.

Advantages of CIPP

– No excavation: CIPP is a trenchless technology, so no excavation is needed. This means that the surrounding area will not be disrupted while the sewer line is repaired.

– Seals leaks and cracks: The CIPP process seals any leaks or cracks in the old pipe, preventing water from leaking into the surrounding soil and destabilizing the ground around the pipeline.

– Better flow capacity: CIPP repair will often have an improved flow capacity which helps to prevent clogs and backups in the future. This process keeps your pipe’s diameter closer to its original size and, thereby, not adversely affecting the flow capacity of the pipeline.

– Extended service life of the pipeline: The CIPP-restoration process increases the service life of the pipeline which can often last decades. This fact alone often makes CIPP a cost-effective, trenchless alternative.

The E Squared Advantage

With over 50 years of experience in the application of polymer resins used for various coated fabric applications E Squared provides application specific products.  With our vast raw material supplier relationships we are able to integrate the latest in polymers, fabric and yarn technologies into the products you are using today, while focusing on generational sustainability.  In addition, we have developed direct lines of communications with leading industry CIPP resin suppliers to insure compatibility of our products with the latest resin technologies available, whether the be ambient, heat or UV cured solutions.

Your supply of products will not be delayed or interrupted due to our ability to produce CIPP products at either of our facilities in New Jersey or Virginia. Contact one of our product specialists today to discuss your product and application requirements.

E Squared, your Vendor Partner for CIPP Solutions.

Cured in Place Pipe Products


10011E-1360 SK
Cured In Place Pipe
Expansion Bladder Substrate
TPU, TPU Ether
10006E-1360 SK
Cured In Place Pipe
Expansion Bladder Substrate
TPU, TPU Ether
Cured In Place Pipe
CIPP Welding Tape
Cured In Place Pipe
Coated Felt up to 120” Width