By pioneering new breakthroughs in polymer blending, E Squared has produced a comprehensive family of high performance, long-lasting, multipurpose membranes. These fabric coatings are light yet stable, with superior welding advantages. They are capable of withstanding both extensive wear and environmental stress across a full range of industries and end-product applications.


In the highly technical world of coated fabrics, challenges often arise. The question is whether your supplier will address them with speed and the support you expect. In the event that a coated fabric needs to be re-tested, our in-house facility is able to pull the relevant sample from the library and initiate testing immediately, often before the fabric in question is even returned by the customer. Providing ongoing technical support to our customers is what sets us apart.


As part of our efforts to implement sustainable practices, we work to produce the highest quality products that will last for years, reducing the need for excess production. We have a recycling program to reuse our PVC products in various applications, taking post-industrial waste and processing it into durable products that last.

In another effort, we try to push encapsulated products thereby eliminating unusable trim and helping to keep materials out of landfills. The waste products that we do inevitably produce are sent to facilities that generate energy. 



E Squared works with customers to develop products that suit their needs. We will discuss key attributes that are needed, including budget parameters that need to be met. Customers can choose from a variety of polymers including PVC, TPU, TPO, and LLDPE. We have a wide range of polymer solutions to fit your exact needs.


We view everyone we work with at E Squared  as our partners. From our customers and suppliers to our employees, we are all partners in this endeavor. We know that our direct customers are not the final users of our products, and therefore we strive to work with our customers to understand what their needs and their customers’ needs are. If our customers are not successful in delivering a finished product, we won’t be either. We strive to be transparent and direct and to give prompt answers as to delivery and product inquiries and issues.


“One of the added benefits of the PRG geomembrane such as XTRM Ply® [EPSWrap] is that, due to its inherent flexibility, it can be prefabricated into large panels by a qualified fabrication facility, taking advantage of a climate-controlled environment.  This allows fabricators to seam, test the seams, fold/package and ship to the jobsite in large panel sizes, minimizing or even eliminating more problematic field seams, which would otherwise need to be done in the elements, and subject to site conditions.”

Mark DeSandre
Frank Roberts and Sons, Inc.

We needed to provide temporary drinking water storage for the London Olympic Games. There was a short timeline, and Wiefferink needed a quick solution…Erez understood the urgency of the matter and made the production of the flexitank membranes their top priority. In order to meet the demands of Wiefferink’s schedule, Erez ordered raw materials to be flown in by special air shipment.

The process for reusing flexible storage tanks is significant, and the capacity of the tanks has to be stable during their lifespan. Erez foil was very much fit to perform this process, with the best welding technique for the textile to retain as much storage capacity as possible.