Considerations For Selecting a Medical Textile Manufacturer

Whether it’s a machine, instrument, or a textile, medical applications are extremely sensitive and demand the utmost sophistication. In this field, even the smallest mistake can create a series of events that may lead to some irreparable losses. That’s why selecting a medical textile manufacturer requires extra vigilance and consideration of both technical and non-technical factors.

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Apart from all the regular challenges any business faces, medical equipment manufacturers, and other businesses in this industry have to deal with unique issues like additional regulations and fluctuating demands. Selecting the correct supplier is critical as the industry is quite competitive and there is no room for error. 

When selecting a medical textile supplier for hospitals or equipment manufacturers, the following three factors are the most important. 

1 – Manufacturing capability

Medical textiles are both versatile and complicated. Different applications require special properties and characteristics like flexibility, recyclability, chemical resistance, and bio-compatibility. The manufacturer you select must possess the capability of handling all your requirements. Otherwise, you’ll waste a lot of time looking for a new supplier anytime you need an innovative solution.

Furthermore, specialized material such as Aliphatic TPU, which has various unique properties and applications, require sophisticated equipment, skills, and processes. Only a small number of manufacturers globally can produce Aliphatic TPU and other similar exclusive materials. If you regularly work with such material, finding the right manufacturer with the required capabilities becomes even more important.   

2 – Logistic constraints

Modern supply chains are quite optimized but the location still plays a huge part in determining the efficiency of your system. It’s better to prioritize suppliers with a local presence as you’ll have direct access to them and you won’t have to deal with extended transit times. Most medical manufacturers need textile products for life-saving equipment and other crucial applications where even slight delays can have severe consequences.

For hospitals needing medical textile products, using local suppliers becomes even more important. Hospitals need a stable, quick, and reliable supply of medical textile for performing surgeries, maintain hygiene standards, and ensure the safety of everyone in the hospital. E2 specializes in textiles that could be used in inflatable medical applications which could be used in mattresses, air compression sleeves, and blood pressure cuffs.

In the recent Covid-19 pandemic, hospitals in the United States faced a severe shortage of PPE, and other essential textile products due to increased international demand. Many hospitals with overseas suppliers faced these shortages because their suppliers prioritized meeting the local demands in their country.

3 – Cost and Quality

Another crucial factor you must consider while selecting a medical textile supplier is the overall quality and the value you are getting for your money. Selecting the cheapest option is not viable in any field. Especially in the medical sector product quality takes precedence over everything. You must remember that the right choice for you may not be the cheapest option, but someone who delivers excellent quality with the shortest lead time. Obviously, commercial viability is an important consideration for any business. However, for medical applications, you must prioritize the technical factors and find the right balance between the cost and quality. 

Why E Squared is the best choice for you?

E-squared brings you the knowledge and expertise of the two biggest names in the technical fabric market. Bringing over 45 years of experience in delivering tailored solutions for our partners in the medical industry.

E-squared stands among a select few engineered fabric manufacturers globally with the capability of producing Aliphatic TPU. Unique characteristics that make it a perfect choice for medical applications.

All products by E-squared are globally accepted and have all the relevant industry certifications. We believe in delivering the absolute best to its customers and does so with its state-of-the-art production facility capable of handling every single requirement of the medical industry.

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