3 Key Benefits of Establishing a Line of Communication with a Geomembrane Manufacturer 

Geomembrane liners are available in a wide variety; reinforced, non reinforced, PVC, EIA, HDPE, LLDPE and others as well.  To truly understand the benefits and limitations of each of these products you should establish communications with the actual geomembrane manufacturer. 

The biggest and most obvious challenge faced by general contractors and installers is the fact that each geomembrane material has unique properties, giving each different level of suitability to applications. A wrong choice of geomembrane material can put the entire project at risk. 

The answer to overcoming this challenge is by approaching the source, the geomembrane manufacturer. 

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The 3 Benefits of Communicating Directly with a  Geomembrane Manufacturer

1 – A comprehensive geomembrane selection

As stated above, there are several types of geomembrane options. HDPE, PVC, EIA, LLDPE, and all other variants come with their own set of properties that make them suitable or unsuitable for a specific application. 

By approaching the manufacturer, you gain access to all their experiences and knowledge, which allows you to select the best solution available. Moreover, a geomembrane manufacturer may also create custom solutions for your applications. 

2 – Guaranteed Quality

Another advantage of approaching a geomembrane manufacturer is the confidence that comes with direct contact. Since you will be dealing directly with the manufacturer you will be assured of having access to the most recent product specifications and quality standards. While there are strict quality checks usually placed in all processes in the field it is beneficial to know the manufacturer’s position on warranties and available services. 

3 – Pre and Post Sales Support

When you approach a manufacturer directly, the services do not stop at the time of delivery. Most geomembrane manufacturers have a team of experts that can help you with the application. Whether it be fabrication guidance, site visit during installation, or required test documents. Manufacturers will be able to handle the requirement easily. 

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