6 Environmental Benefits of Flexible Storage Tanks

The global demand for sustainable and eco-friendly practices has forced businesses to implement innovative ways to reduce their overall environmental impact. Top-tier organizations and governments are on the lookout for sustainable ways to carry out their ongoing processes efficiently.

For the storage of industrial liquids across various functions, flexible storage tanks are an effective and environment-friendly option. Also referred to as a Flexitank, is a versatile storage solution for numerous kinds of fluids. From volatile liquids such as gasoline and oil to plain water and more.

This cost-effective tool is also the first choice for any environmentally friendly business. 

1 – Multifunctional

One of the most prominent advantages that you get from Flexitank is its multi-functional use. Using the same storage tank saves the resources required for production, transportation, and installation. You can also prepare a used Flexitank for a different application by cutting it open and decontaminating it in most applications. This process reduces the overall storage capacity of the tank but makes it as good as new.

2 – Disposable and recyclable

Disposing of a regular storage tank in an eco-friendly manner is usually troublesome. Flexitank, however, can easily be recycled and disposed of after its lifecycle. The manufacturers of Flexitank use advanced coated textiles and other technical materials. This quality allows you to re-use the same materials for numerous other applications. It eliminates the overall waste left behind by the Flexitank and increases its sustainability.  

3 – Reduced CO2 emissions

Another advantage of flexible storage tanks is the low carbon emission throughout their lifecycle. From production to decommissioning, requires minimal resources for handling and maintenance.
These storage tanks do not need any distinct processes and can be immediately deployed on any surface.

4 – Logistically efficient

Flexible storage tanks have unique material properties and the ability to sustain a large load. Moreover, special housing is not required nor any other preparations before use.
When emptied, the flexible storage tank can also be easily folded into a small package, making it easier to transport to the site.  

5 – Safe and cost-effective

Oil and other industrial chemicals are naturally corrosive, and safely storing them is quite complicated. Moreover, oil spills can be environmentally catastrophic and extremely expensive for any business. To prevent that, you have to ensure the use of optimal materials for your application.

flexible storage tanks can be developed with the most suitable material for a specific liquid. Top-tier coated fabrics manufacturers can work with you to develop a customized safe and leak-free product for your application.  

6 – Labor extensive

Flexible storage tanks are simple to maintain. The emptied tank can be folded into a small package and transported easily. When compared with permanent structures, you need minimal labor and resources to deploy the Flexitank on site.

Safe and reliable flexible storage tanks with E Squared

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