E Squared – A year in Review – 2023

As we look back at our challenges and accomplishments in 2023 we are thankful for our team of employees who drive our efforts of innovation, quality and success and our customers who establish standards that we always strive to exceed.

Every year starts with a big inhale as we start the journey to achieve our goals and objectives not only on sales success, but also in the advancement of our technologies and capabilities both internal and external.

Blogs, blogs and more blogs. In 2023 we provided over a dozen blogs and technical papers to our contacts. Many of these blogs have a genesis with our customers. Many times we are asked to expand on a topic or application and our team always delivers. Visit our library of blogs

Trade shows, always a pleasure. In 2023 we participated in 10 trade shows and Industry events.  This is always the best opportunity to see customers and meet prospects.  Some of the highlights came at events like USINFI Outlook, ATA Expo, WWETT Expo, Work Boats Expo, Geosynthetics Conference and many others.  In 2024 we look forward to seeing you at some of these expos along with several others like Geotechnical Frontiers and the NASSCO Conference. Meet us at any of the events listed on our homepage.

Government Advocacy, someone has to speak up for our American Industries.  Whether it is the USINFI, GMA or NASSCO lobby days. We are always ready to head to D.C. to represent the interests of our industries. These events occur 4 – 6 times a year and allow an inside look at how our government works, and sometimes doesn’t work. This could be for long established programs like the Berry Amendment and its sibling the Kissell Amendment, both ensuring that US manufacturers are first in line when it comes to DoD and DHS spending. When it comes to spending of DOT, FAA , EPA and other agency spending we help drive the use of American manufactured geosynthetic products for bills like the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) Overview, including Buy American, Build America  (BABA), Water Resources Development Act (WRDA), FAST Act,  Annual FAA Reauthorization Act and many others.  We encourage customers, suppliers and competitors to get involved with advocacy efforts. After all it is your tax dollars that are being spent.

Looks like we are going to need a bigger boat! In 2023 we saw the grand opening of our latest manufacturing facility in Bluefield, VA.  This state of the art manufacturing facility will lead the way for E Squared growth and not only shows our commitment and investment to American Manufacturing, but also to the advancement of our capabilities, innovation and employees.

Hiring is always fun.  In 2023 we added a new member to our management team. Anthony Ahmed joined E Squared in the position of Senior Market Manager.  Anthony has a vast knowledge of geomembranes and their applications with over 7 years of experience.  In this role Anthony will expand our presence in the environmental, water management and infrastructure markets. Welcome aboard Anthony!

Innovation and new products. You are either moving forward or moving backwards, There is no holding your position.  E Squared never settles with the status quo when it comes to product innovation.  In 2023 we had major achievements in the introduction of many new and improved products.  Acoustic Barrier Substrates, Fish Grade Certified Geomembranes, Marine Safety and life preserver substrates, Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation, CIPP to name a few.  To learn more about these and other new product innovations visit our innovation section here or speak with one of our Market Specialists.  Yes, that was a sales pitch.  I should also mention to follow E Squared on our LinkedIn page.

As we end 2023 we are pleased to announce further expansion of our global presence with a Partnership with The Shann Group with warehouse and sales offices in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.  The Shann Group will provide distribution throughout Oceania, This is a major step forward in our efforts to provide our innovative  products globally.

We ask you to join us as we move into 2024 with expectations of continued success for E Squared and our customers.