Innovations in Coated Fabric Engineered for the Future

With combined decades of experience in manufacturing coated fabric engineered for a wide array of applications, E Squared is a market leader in the industry. Engineered Polymer Technologies of Hillside, New Jersey, and Erez Thermoplastic Products of Southern Israel have joined forces to launch this innovative venture. 

Our mission is to help leading manufacturers to reach their fullest potential. E Squared offers the widest range of technical textile solutions while focusing on quality and performance so that you can make the world a safer and better place.

Coated Fabric Applications

E2 manufactures coated fabrics for marine safety, architectural structures, reservoirs and infrastructure projects, inflatable boats, medical applications, and in the defense arena. Our team of expert engineers and Research and Development professionals is always working to meet the needs and standards of our customers. 

Our cutting-edge blended fabric technology and global infrastructure are uniquely qualified to transform your products and position you as a leader in your industry. We know your products require unique attention and tailored solutions. Our expert team of engineers will design the exact coated textiles to give you a competitive edge in your industry. Because our coated fabrics are manufactured in the US with the combined expertise of our innovative partners in Israel, we are consistently one step ahead. 

Why E-Squared?

With decades of experience and proven innovative technologies, EPT and Erez have combined their US manufacturing capabilities and Israeli ingenuity to create E Squared. Operating under this new name, we will be able to go further and cover a wider spectrum of possibilities in coated textiles. 

This joint venture is meant to allow our two companies to focus on innovation in order to better serve our existing partners and expand our operations and capabilities. Our research and development team is uniquely positioned to produce coated textiles and technical fabrics in a range of industries, including marine safety, boats, defense, geotechnical, secondary containment, and flexible storage tanks. 

Free Consultation

Whether you are in need of a new product or want to innovate on an existing project, we invite you to be in touch with us for all your coated fabric needs. E Squared innovation will bring your company into the future.