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E Squared works with customers to develop products that suit their needs. We will discuss key attributes that are needed, including budget parameters that need to be met. Customers can choose from a variety of polymers including PVC, TPU, TPO, and LLDPE. We have a wide range of polymer solutions to fit your exact needs.

Toll Manufacturing Services

At E Squared Technical Textiles, we offer comprehensive toll manufacturing services catering to the specialized needs of the coated fabrics industry. Leveraging our state-of-the-art facilities and extensive expertise, we provide tailored solutions on a contract basis, empowering businesses with high-quality products and efficient production processes.


Our Capabilities

Extrusion Coating

Our proficiency in fabric extrusion coating enables us to enhance textile materials by applying protective and functional coatings, optimizing their performance for various applications.

Film Sheeting and Fabric Coating

We possess advanced capabilities in film sheeting and fabric coating, allowing us to apply a range of coatings onto fabrics, ensuring durability, weather resistance, and other desired properties.

Utilization of Customer-Supplied Raw Materials

E Squared Technical Textiles offers the flexibility to work with customer-supplied raw materials. Our team collaborates closely with clients to transform their unique raw materials into high-quality, customized products that meet their specific industry needs and standards.

Private Label Products

We specialize in creating private label products tailored to your perfromance requirements. Whether you need customized coatings, formulations, or specific fabric enhancements, we ensure confidentiality, quality, and precision in delivering your branded products. 

Why Choose E Squared Technical Textiles for Toll Manufacturing?

Expertise: Benefit from our 42 years of experience and technical expertise in the coated textiles industry and polymer chemistry..

Custom Solutions: We tailor our manufacturing services to meet your exact specifications and expectations.

Quality Assurance: Our stringent quality control measures ensure superior products that adhere to industry standards.

Flexibility: We adapt to accommodate customer-supplied materials and unique production needs.

Confidentiality: We prioritize confidentiality in our private label services, safeguarding your brand identity.

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