What to Look for in a Coated Fleece Supplier for CIPP Applications

Over the last 40 years, cured-in-place-pipes (CIPP) have been established as one of the most popular pipe rehabilitation methods globally. From sewer pipes to stormwater drains and drinking water pipes, CIPP technology plays an essential role in many industries. 

The critical nature of CIPP applications demands reliability. Statistics show that 50% of all pipe repairing projects in the United States use CIPP technology because of its convenience and versatility. Coated fleece is an essential component that impacts the performance and reliability of cured-in-place-pipes.

This article explores the qualities to look for in your coated fleece supplier for CIPP applications. 

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Following are some distinguishing factors that make E Squared an ideal coated fleece supplier for CIPP applications.  

1) Customized Solutions With Extensive TPU Selection

E Squared offers the widest variety of TPU to select from.  When specialized solutions are required, our partners know where to find our experts who will work with them to understand the challenges and develop the best approach for getting the job done.

2) Extrusion Capacity

Extrusion and lamination are two popular methods prevalent in the CIPP industry. Extrusion allows for the fleece to be anchored into the extruded film by interweaving the fibers into the molten film. From our experience, we believe that extrusion is a better option because of its consistent results. E Squared has the unique extrusion capability to deliver low thickness solutions starting from 10’ mils (0.25 mm) to 120’ mils (3 mm). 

3) Proven Quality Control

Repairs and maintenance are costly affairs, so CIPP manufacturers try to eliminate all sources of deficiencies. Following the proper procedure during coating can minimize many common CIPP deficiencies. The E Squared system begins with testing of incoming raw materials, in line QC during the manufacturing process, and destructive testing of manufactured products to ensure the reliability of our coated fleece.

4) Dependable Turnaround Time

Depending on your location and the nature of the project, timely delivery of required components is essential. At E Squared, we keep a large inventory of the necessary raw materials and have round the clock production capabilities to guarantee the best turnaround time.

5) Efficient supply chain and industrial relations

E Squared is strategically located on the East Coast near all major raw material supplies in the industry. Over the years, E Squared has also developed an efficient supply chain and built industrial relationships with our fleece and Polymer suppliers. We can help you get the best quality at the most optimum price.

Key takeaways

A reliable and prestigious coated fleece supplier for CIPP

E Squared understands the CIPP industry and we utilize the vast knowledge of technical textiles and thermoplastics gained from the operation of over three decades to deliver innovative and reliable solutions. We have an intimate knowledge of the industry’s requirements and expectations and have created an infallible system to deliver results that matter in the shortest turnaround time. 

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